Summertime is here, and with its hot days and long evenings it is time to remove ourselves from indoors and start enjoying out outdoor areas once again.

Summer is best spent relaxing, and there truly is no better way to relax under the sun than in your outdoor beanbag. Here at Design Concepts we’ve recently started stocking a new range of luxurious yet durable beanbags from Sunbrella and their famous marine-grade fabric.

In this article, we look at four reasons why you need a beanbag in your outdoor area this summer.

Beanbag Versatility

The beauty of an outdoor beanbag is the sheer range of things you can do with one. When you have a beanbag your furniture is no longer confined to only one or two positions – you can put them absolutely anywhere!

There’s no worrying about trying to fit them through doors or round corners – simply pick them up and move them where you want them. Perfect if you and your guests are relaxing outside and an unseasonal summer shower hits and you need to move inside.

Beanbags these days aren’t just for sitting either. Our range of Sunbrella beanbags can be used as ottomans and even as tables – check out this Marine Bean Ottoman as an example.


One of the best things about winter is sitting in your beanbag in front of the fire with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate. Well now that feeling doesn’t have to be reserved for the colder months!

By adding a beanbag or two to your outdoor area, you can experience that comfort all year round. Our luxurious but durable range of Sunbrella beanbags mean that no matter what time of year, when you relax you are doing so in the utmost comfort.

The first thing you think when you hear ‘beanbag’ is dreamily sinking into one and relaxing the day away. Well now with one of our new beanbags, like the Marine Bean Atoll, or even the classic Marine Bean Chair, this fantasy becomes a reality.


Buy the wrong outdoor furniture and you’ll be back again buying more, because your first set will have given in to the elements. Sunbrella Marine Beanbags however were built to be strong and hard-wearing, meaning if you invest in one you won’t have to worry about purchasing another next summer.

Sunbrella gives you the best in durability, without compromising on look or style. Many have copied the Sunbrella idea, but skimping on the materials have left them with nothing more than a shadow on what Sunbrella can offer you.

Sunbrella beanbags are also extremely easy to clean. All you need to do is spray it with some water and soap and give it a brush – easy as that! This commitment to durability and ease of maintenance, make Sunbrella beanbags the perfect addition to your outdoor area.

Something for everyone

Decorating is no easy business, and to be done right every single piece needs to work perfectly with the rest to ensure it all flows seamlessly. Sunbrella Marine Beanbags come in a range of colours, meaning they are a perfect fit for any outdoor area no matter what the style. Take our Isla Lounger range for example – it’s available in four different colours and has the option for contrasting piping for added feature.

With our range, you can choose a colour to blend in with the rest of your furniture, or to stand out as your centrepiece. Also, as they are cheaper than most other outdoor furniture, you won’t have to break the bank!

No matter who you are, everyone loves relaxing in a beanbag – and those who say they don’t only say so until they are cuddled up inside of one.

With our new range of Sunbrella Marine Beanbags, you now need to look no further to find the perfect piece for your outdoor area! Their versatility, comfortability, durability, and range mean that no matter what your motivation and no matter what your current set-up, we have something for you.

So come on down to Design Concepts and get that perfect beanbag just in time for summer!