❝ We were sitting on the beach on loungers while on holiday in Fiji, and we thought about how nice it was to have good outdoor furniture, something we didn’t have at home in NZ, so went shopping online while slurping mojito’s. We found Design Concepts online and instantly fell in love with a setting that looked like it was more of an indoor sofa, and seemed very reasonably priced, so hit buy now. When we got home, the setting turned up the next day! Outstanding service. And what prompted us to write this was that the quality and comfort of the furniture is impossible to see on a photo, but take our word for it, we were and still are highly impressed, so bought more from Richard who has been lovely and easy to deal with. ❞


❝ Great products, great company, excellent service, good quality and decent prices. What more needs to be said. My wife and I were wrapped with what we bought and all I can say to prospective customers, is the furniture looks much better at home than in a showroom! We would happily deal with Richard first before going elsewhere in future. Why shop around. ❞


❝ I bought an umbrella from Design Concepts because they had clear prices including shipping, and there was no hidden extras. All companies say they have great quality so it is a risk buying online, but the umbrella turned up, and two neighbours have also bought from Design Concepts as for the price, these are an amazingly great product. A+ from me.❞


❝ After shopping around for Outdoor Furniture, and going to all the shops Auckland, we were about to give up as nothing had wow factor unless it was going to cost a fortune. Lastly we went to the closest shop to home which was Design Concepts after seeing a sign at the end of the road. The store looked great, the furniture and quality looked better than most, and the prices were honest and fair, not extortionate. Then we met Richard who had a wealth of knowledge, was extremely helpful and just answered questions more than do the sales speech. We are more than happy with the furniture and the service and I have no problem recommending Design Concepts store to others, Richard will look after you. ❞


❝ We weren’t even looking for Outdoor Furniture, but drove past the store so thought we would go in and have a look. We were instantly impressed. The only other shop we had been to was painfully expensive which put us off. We found Richard to be really helpful and knowledgeable, and his willingness to help didn’t go un noticed. We decided to purchase a sofa setting, then called back and asked if we could change our minds, again, no issue. What we ended up with was the new White aluminium setting and it has completely transformed our Outdoor area. Worth every dollar spent. So I went back to buy an umbrella. ❞


❝ We thought we had to do a quick rave about Design Concepts and Richard as it’s not often you get to deal with someone that knows and understand their products inside out, and thats doesn’t charge a fortune for the furniture. We went to a BBQ at a neighbours house, who had this amazingly cool looking and really comfortable Outdoor setting, so we asked questions, they mentioned Design Concepts and how impressed they were, so we looked online the next day. We called Richard who was super helpful with any questions we had, so we bought it, and he even delivered it and set it up, and took all the packaging away. Great company. ❞



Outdoor furniture, outdoor heating, outdoor fire pits, outdoor umbrellas, if you want your outdoor space to look amazing and cost you less, then welcome along to Design Concepts. Proudly kiwi run, and you will also notice all of our furniture is named after beautiful spots around our beautiful country. We work very hard to bring you the very best quality products from the world over, that will survive the harsh new zealand outdoors. We ship our products country wide, right to your door.

Our furniture is all covered by our standard 3 year warranty, and you can rest assured that buying from us is investing in quality that won’t end up in the trash for many many years to come. There are many things that make us different from the rest, we dont need to be the biggest to be the best. Check out our Google tour below for a sneak peek through the store, but remember we are always changing, so a visit in person is always best. We are open 7 days for your convenience.