New Zealand is heaven for outdoor lovers due to its dynamic landscape across the country. From rolling hills and dunes in North Island to rugged mountains and milky glacier lakes in South Island. Besides these sceptically scenic views, the New Zealand coastal line provides dreamy beaches to its people.

Today, we’ll have a quick dive into a few must-visit beaches in New Zealand.


Rarawa Beach, Northland


Photo: LightFieldStudios/Getty Images

Rarawa Beach has the whitest sand in NZ. Situated on the remote east coast of Northland, within the Paxton Point Conservation Area, its bright white silica sand reflects the sun’s rays strongly, making sunglasses a must. The natural dunes near the shore serve as an excellent nesting habitat for dotterel, oystercatchers, and other seasonal shorebirds, leading to a restriction on domestic pets. Rarawa Beach is an ideal destination for swimming, walking, and sandboarding.

Tunnel Beach, Dunedin

Tunnel beach

Photo: dunedinattractions.nz

Tunnel Beach is located less than 15 minutes south of Dunedin City. Upon reaching the car park, you’ll spot an enormous sandstone arch. A 20-minute walk will bring you to the historical tunnel, constructed in 1867. Despite the tunnel’s well-maintenance and craftsmanship, it can become slippery. Remember to check the low tide timetable before going because the beach is inaccessible during high tide. As you stroll along the beach, you’ll witness the clear turquoise waters of the Pacific Ocean forming waves and crashing onto the coastal line, alongside towering cliffs adorned with layers of colours.

Piha Beach


Photo: 100% Pure New Zealand

Piha, located on the west coast of Auckland, is the country’s most famous surfing beach. Its rugged landscape and black sand were from volcanic activities millions of years ago. While Piha is renowned for its peaky waves and strong currents, making it a favourite among experienced surfers, it is also considered one of the most dangerous beaches. It is recommended for intermediate and experienced surfers. However, even if you have no surfing experience, you can still enjoy Piha Beach. Take in the ocean breeze, lush vegetation, beautiful sunset, and rugged cliffs. As you are captivated by its beauty, you may notice minerals sparkling in the sand like tiny diamonds.