As the holidays approach, check out our blog for practical and stylish decor ideas to give your home a subtle festive touch. Find simple enhancements that add charm to every corner, creating a welcoming haven for the season.


Here’s a little inspiration for your Christmas colour scheme. White on white.
Classic red and white.
Simple, yet elegant white and gold.
A light-coloured outdoor sofa will continue the theme outside.


Considering the amount of effort that goes into preparing the meal, why not make your Christmas table setting a visual delight too?

Design a charming Christmas outdoor table arrangement featuring a variety of glassware and candles. Place napkins in between a couple of plates and a add small bit of greenery. Enhance the atmosphere by placing natural ornaments along the centre of the table, creating a sophisticated and festive feel.


Create a whimsical vibe
outdoors and in with fairy
and/or festoon lighting.


Let your creative side loose with these D.I.Y. paper bag Christmas snowflakes.

Grab half a dozen same-size bags and run a bead of glue in the shape of a T along the base and up the middle. Place the next bag on top and glue in the same way. Then draw out your designs and cut them out. Unravel for a beautiful snowflake and glue or tape the ends together.